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MUS-3600 automatic urine analysis system

Urine analyzer
>Flexible combination of modules, SUPER FAST DETECTION SPEED:
1 +2 mode: 1 dry chemistry module + 2 physical components module, integrated speed 240 teste/hour
2 +4 mode: 2 dry chemistry modules + 4 tangible root modules, integrated speed 480 teste/hour
There are 25 boxes of urine, 14 items of dry chemical parameters, 4 items of physical and chemical parameters, 3 items of important clinical information and 2 items of calculation parameters
>Full Automation, REDUCE MANUAL OPERATION: Automatic Audit, one key quality control, long unattended time
>Leading Detection Methodology: Plane Flow Cell Technology + High Speed Camera Technology + Artificial Intelligence Identification Technology
>Picture and text report, various clinical hints

 Detection speed

 Visible Components + Dry Chemistry Combined Test Mode: Up to 480 Samples per Hour


 Single component module: 120 samples per hour (constant velocity)


 Single Dry chemical module: 240 sampleshour

 Test Item

 Visible components: 25 items of visible components are automatically identified


 Dry Chemistry: 10-14 optional and 2 calculated parameters


 Neo-confucianism (optional) : Color, turbidity, specific gravity, conductivity

 Detection principle

 Visible Component Module: Planar flow image technology combined with intelligent recognition and classification technology


 Dry Chemistry Module: multi-wavelength photoelectric colorimetry

 Clinical Information

 It can provide objective and quantitative report information, clear and visible particle image information, and provide three important clinical information, red blood cell morphology information, urinary tract infection information, urine culture information

 Sample bit

 Single module can place 60 samples, each optional pre-inventory Increase 260 samples

 Sample type


 Bar Code Identification

 Automatic identification or manual input


 Independent emergency position

 Data Storage

 Data storage ≥150,000