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Automatic urine ACR analysis system


Urine trace albumin creatinine analyzer
Let the sample take a shorter path! Let inspectors take fewer roads!


"One machine and two methods" -- acr-300 creatively USES two detection methods of scattering and transmission to achieve accurate quantification, wide linear range and good measurement repeatability (CV < 5%).

With the same detection system, one sample was injected and mALB and Cr were quantitatively analyzed to effectively eliminate the fluctuation of urine volume and the interference caused by different detection systems, and the detection results were more reliable

Sample needle has the function of automatic liquid level detection and anti-collision safety protection

Non-contact bottom eddy flushing technology, automatic cleaning of the reaction cup, reduce cross contamination to the maximum extent and improve the accuracy of detection

The built-in reagent refrigerating chamber is conducive to the stable opening of reagent, and the use management is more convenient


Samples are checked on arrival, mass sampling, independent emergency position, and priority is given to the detection of emergency sample

It only takes 3.5 minutes to output 3 parameters (urinary albumin, urinary creatinine, urinary albumin/urinary creatinine) at the same time

Easy to use

Taking random urine as a sample, urine collection is simple and convenient, and patient compliance is good

Complete a urine sample test with only 6 weeks of urine sample, without dilution, to be directly tested by the machine

Automatic reagent addition, automatic detection, automatic analysis, automatic printing test results, without manual steps

Automatic display of reagent allowance, automatic prompt for reagent replacement, automatic prompt for liquid cleaning, etc

Barcode scanning,RS232 communication interface, support HIS/LIS system connection function